German Pub & Restaurant in Pennsylvania
Hofbrauhaus Pub & Eatery
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Dear Hofbrauhaus:

For the past 4 years I have regularly come up to the annual Gettlysburg reenactment over the July 4th weekend. Although I enjoy the reenactment, I have come to enjoy my evening meal at your establishment as much or more so. For the three or four days I have been there each year, the highlight of my day was coming by and enjoying the delicious food, cold beer, great service, and wonderful atmosphere you have there.

Unfortunately, I shall not be able to attend the reenactment this year, so I will miss coming by your place as well. Never the less, I wanted you to know that I'll try and be there again next year, and look forward to copious liters of Warsteiner and Dortmunder, platters of Wiener Schnitzel and many links of Bavarian Bratwurst! I hope in the interim that you all fare well, are happy, and have a nice summer!

auf Wiedersehen,
Burl Phillips
Jacksonville, FL