German Pub & Restaurant in Pennsylvania
Hofbrauhaus Pub & Eatery

Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, founded by John Abbott, was an established borough long before the American Revolution. Then, it was part of York County, but in 1800 a new county, named after then President John Adams, was formed. Though Gettysburg became the county seat, Abbottstown, situated approximately 14 miles east of Gettysburg, retained the distinction of being the earliest settlement in what became Adams County, Pennsylvania in the midst of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

The Pennsylvania Dutch (which are actually of German descent, or "Deutsch" in their native language) are known for their hard work and hearty meals. Here at Hofbrauhaus, the good home cooking that is synonymous with Bavarian life is offered in plentiful supply.

Hofbrauhaus, which was established in 1958, is owned by Butch and Chris Duncan. The historic building which houses the restaurant is located on land that was once owned by founder John Abbott.